Blueberry Hill Farm
Jonesborough, TN

U-Pick Blueberries

Closed. See you June 2020

Location and Picking Information


  • Address: 245 Summit Dr, Jonesborough, TN, a 10 minute drive from ETSU or downtown Jonesborough.=
  • Normal Days/Times:  closed 
  • Extended hours: closed
  • Picking pails and take-home containers are provided.  
  • Cash payment only, cost is $3/pound.



A great family activity, we welcome pickers of all ages. Taste the berries before picking, we have over 15 different varieties! 

Our Blueberries


Our blueberries are noted for their large size and superior taste.  They can be eaten fresh, used in baking, or frozen for later use. 

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Jonesborough Farmers Market


During the June-July  picking season Blueberry Hill Farm usually sells blueberries at the Saturday Jonesborough Farmer's market. However, come early, they go fast.